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How to Discover
the Best Value on the Planet.

An Interactive Magic Trick from

The following magic trick was a labor of love created as a way to promote the True Value and Real Magic that you'll discover at your library. If you love your library like I do, you'll want your own copy of this very unique, interactive magic trick. Amaze your family and friends with 5 astonishing predictions, and then help them to discover the best value on the planet! Check out the YouTube Video to the left, and then click on the links below to download your own FREE copy of this amazing magic trick.

Please note: The pages will take just a moment to load. Print page 1, and then place that page in your printer to print page 2 on the opposite side. The pages should align correctly. Cut out the cards along the dotted lines, and have fun presenting this unique magic trick.
Here's a wonderful  magic trick for  our future Michigan Magicians - Download your own FREE copy of this amazing Library Magic Trick from  Michigan magician, Jeff Wawrzaszek
The Amazing "Library Magic Trick" from - Side 1

The Amazing "Library Magic Trick" from - Side 2

Special Note to Libraries: Please feel free to embed or link to the interactive video on your own library web site. It's a great way to promote the wonderful things that you do!

The Virtual Magic Workshop

Are you signed up for A2 Magic's Virtual Magic Workshop? In the Virtual Magic Workshop we will learn several simply amazing, yet amazingly simple magic tricks that you will love showing to family and friends. The attached pages will provide many of your workshop materials. Click on the link and print pages 1-3, and then, place page 3 back into your printer to print page 4 on the opposite side. Cut and assemble the pieces as directed.

In addition to these materials, please gather the following items from around the house:
Crayons - 6-8 Colors, Dollar Bill - real or fake, Pencil, Post-It Notes or 3" x 3" slip of paper, "Zip Style" sandwich bag, Scissors, A Deck of Cards - bridge size, if possible, Penny, Nickel, Dime and a Quarter.
An additional link with a complete set of instructions will be available after the workshop. See you soon!
A2 Magic's Virtual Magic Workshop - Printable Pages

Bonus Magic Tricks and Puzzle Solutions:
Did you receive a puzzle or magic trick at one of Jeff's shows or magic workshops? Do you have one of Jeff's Custom Magic Sets? You'll find bonus magic tricks, solutions and performance tips below. Thanks for visiting this page. Have fun sharing these unique magic tricks with your family and friend

Bonus Magic Trick Instructions for “Your Own Amazing Magic Show”
or for “Topsy-Turvy Bunny Money”

Here is a great little mind reading effect using the illustrations of the 6 crayons on the front of your Topsy-Turvy Bill or the 6 playing cards on the back of the “Your Own Amazing Magic Show” box.

Effect: Have a friend call out any number between 1-6. Show the 6 colored crayons on the front of your bill, or the 6 playing cards on the back of the “Your Own Amazing Magic Show” box, and move to the number that they selected. You then open your hand, or the magic show box, to reveal a crayon matching the color of their selection, or the playing card matching their selected card.

Secret: Using a process of “multiple outs,” they will always end up on the yellow crayon or the Queen of Hearts.

Presentation: Begin by placing a yellow crayon in your closed hand, or in the case of the magic show box, the Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards into the magic show box. Ask your friend to call out any number between 1-6. Depending on which number he calls out, you will move to the yellow crayon or the Queen of Hearts in the following manner:

  1. From the left side, spell O-N-E
  2. From the left side, spell T-W-O
  3. From the left side, count 1-2-3
  4. From the right side, count 1-2-3-4
  5. From the right side, spell F-I-V-E
  6. From the left side, spell S-I-X

Once you have arrived at the yellow crayon or the Queen of Hearts, open your hand, or the box, to reveal that you have correctly predicted their chosen color or card. For obvious reasons, this is a trick which should only be presented once to the same audience.

The "Art of Magic" - Comprehensive Instructions and Performance Tips

Bronco Bunny - The World's Most Difficult 3-Piece Puzzle

Bronco Bunny from

More FREE magic tricks below...

Did you get your FREE "What's Your Super Power" magic trick at one of Jeff's library shows? Follow the instructions on the orange card and see if you end up on the predicted space. Have fun showing this to your family and friends. If you didn't get the instruction card, you can download a copy by clicking on the link below. If you are looking for the answers to the Word Search, you can find them below as well.

Do you know how much you would pay out-of-pocket for library services and materials? The "Library Calculator" below will help you to see the true VALUE of your own local library.



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Get Three Magic Tricks Free

Want to try your hand at magic? Get 3 simply amazing, yet amazingly simple magic tricks FREE from
Michigan's favorite Children's & Family Magician!

Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Free Magic Tricks
A2 Magic
2755 Kimberley Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

We'll send you illustrated instructions and all of the special materials you'll need to amaze your family
and friends
with these 3 great tricks: "Loops", "The Jumping Rubber Band" & "The Topsy Turvy Bill"

One set per envelope please.

Solutions to the Marvelous Mysteries on the Magical Money

Michigan Magicians would love to have these  wonderful souvenir dollars to  give away , but you'll only find  them  at an A2 Magic  Show or  event.

Did you receive some Magical Money at an A2 Magic Birthday Party or other event? Here are the solutions to the puzzles and illusions on the back of your bill. 1. Move to the Center - Place your left forefinger on coin B to hold it in place. Use your right forefinger to slide coin C to the right a few inches, and then quickly slide it into the side of coin B. Coin A will slide to the left, leaving enough space between the two coins to move coin C in between them. 2. Penny Puzzler - Place the uppermost coin on top of the one beneath it, You will now have two straight rows of 5 coins each. 3. True Colors - Under good lighting, stare at the red dot in the center of the flag for 30 seconds and then quickly look at a white surface. You will briefly see an after image of our flag in its true red,white and blue colors. 4. Instant Hare Restorer - Look at both halves of the bunny as you move the dollar close to your face. The two halves will appear to join together.

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Jeff Wawrzaszek can make your next birthday party, banquet, picnic or
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